Have you heard about BYOD? We bet you did. Bring Your Own Device tendency is becoming more and more frequent, as enterprise mobile apps are getting more and more popular. MarketsAndMarkets report states that enterprise mobility market is to grow from $25 billion in 2016 up to $73 billion by 2021.


89 percent of employees connect their mobile devices to the corporate networks. 78 percent of companies have noticed a two-times increase of BYOD scheme. 68 percent of small businesses have already implemented it.


Fliplet Research defined the most active adopters of enterprise apps. These are such industries as:

  • professional services (34%),
  • energy and utilities (10%),
  • technology (10%),
  • retail (10%),
  • media (10%),
  • fast-moving consumer goods (5%),
  • government(5%),
  • healthcare(5%).


The most effective with app distribution within their organization are professional services (17%), technology (16%), healthcare (15%), and business and finance (10%).


The most popular apps in Fliplet research turned out to be the ones for events — 30 percent. 16 percent of apps were about sales support, while 11 percent were created as portals (contain all the company apps with the option for users to choose the necessary ones). Applications for internal communications and events are also among the majority, with 9 and 7 percent correspondingly.


Fliplet found out that users access enterprise apps 24/7. There was no day with zero activity, Wednesday being the most productive with 21 percent and Sunday — least productive with 6 percent.


Arctouch have found out that 80 percent of enterprise mobile app users believe that the apps make them more productive and save them more time. 60 percent of them assess enterprise apps they use with A for usefulness.


However, 70 percent of users wouldn’t describe their apps as user-friendly and intuitive. UI and UX, the aspects that influence this most are the weakest sides of enterprise apps. So, companies still have what to work on even after their apps are published.


According to Citrix, 61 percent of employees surveyed claim working outside of the office. An average employee uses 3 and more devices for their working activities daily.


Evolving Workforce project surveyed employees globally and found that 83 percent believe that advanced technologies make them more productive.


CITO Research by Apperian found that 91 percent of employees use at least one mobile app. 45 percent of companies employing 10,000 people and more have provided at least half of their employees with apps.


There are proofs that enterprise apps are efficient. They increase the workforce availability and flexibility. They improve workflow. They manage all the processes and make them trackable.
There are ways, though, to improve. There is a necessity to make enterprise apps more user-friendly and convenient, to make their functionality meet any requirements. We are happy to be in this trend and help companies with their enterprise apps.