HIMSS 2017 turned out to be a great experience for the Glorium team. We have got to know loads of interesting projects that solve serious issues of the healthcare industry. And we decided to share some of them.


Timeless Medical Systems develops software solutions for the healthcare industry. They work on projects that manage “handling and feeding of expressed breast milk, donor human milk, and infant formula in medical facilities and human milk banks in the US and Canada”. Timeless Medical Systems prevent errors with the baby’s feedings preparation and storage. It controls the expired or wrong feedings. The systems reduce data errors providing integration with EMR systems (electronic medical records).


Prosphere Tek has developed aproSphere’s HC Standard Software Suite that supports real-time track of patients, medications, equipment and supplies, personnel, and hospitals. It provides an opportunity to track any asset of emergencies and criticals missions.


DynoSense supplies “Health Relationship Management Services” being healthcare assessment and management solutions provider. They have developed a product able of collecting patient data from various devices, structuring raw health information (Health Score and Health Grade that enable future medical actions), summarizing information for the healthcare specialists use. As a result, it becomes possible to identify changes in health conditions and take the necessary actions.


VRPhysio redefines therapy. There are three main issues with a traditional therapy: it’s painful, it’s boring, it’s not always easy to define its efficiency. VRPhysio solves all the three ones. It is a PC based VR (virtual reality) technology that supports an engaging way of physical activities. Body tracking sensors allow physicians to directly participate in the physical activities of their patients, managing and analyzing it.


Optima Curis provides social engagement for patients, providers, and entire families. This healthcare social platform supports communication for all the participants, as well as information sharing, improving health outcomes, remote patient monitoring.


VitalWare improves healthcare industry with the cloud-based technologies and advanced knowledge sharing. They can boast of a number of products, like VitalCDI documentation tool with assignment presentation, queries, and robust reporting. VitalCDM provides automated workflow, continual analytics, charge generation in the billing systems, etc. To put it short, VitalWare has plenty of products to improve the medical sphere.


DoctorGlobe helps employees and employers choose the best healthcare providers and save costs. They even grant their users bonuses for the smart choices.


RoundTrip enables on-demand non-emergency healthcare transportation through a simple web and mobile platform. They deliver medical cars, wheelchair vans, and stretcher vehicles.


Endosoft streamlines patients intakes into digital forms and shares with patients. It also connects to EHR systems with laboratories, provides an opportunity to electronically sign up reports and securely stores the information. Basically, it covers EHR, practice management, inventory management, patient portal, and infection prevention.


Caresync makes medical services more personal by connecting patients and data. With healthcare information in pocket, a patient can make her meetings with a doctor more meaningful. As a doctor will see the whole history.


Clinical Architecture deals with healthcare information by standardizing, normalizing, and improving it. They cover terminology management, data normalization and mapping, and natural language processing (SIFT — semantic interpretation of free text).


Jellyfish Health reduces wait time in hospitals and improves patient communication. Real-time operational issues data, provided by Jellyfish, lets medical personnel makes response time shorter. As a result, patient experience improved and transparent, increasing revenue. They developed algorithms that allow fast patient processing.


Vocera provides doctors with secure texting and voice calling opportunity inside or outside the hospital. Vocera Communication Platform supports integration with many services to make hospital workflow even more convenient.


ARC Connected Health makes its great contribution to the healthcare industry through “wireless connected non-invasive vital sign measurement sensor technology”. For instance, they developed InstaTemp MD that, a non-touch digital thermometer that can be connected to their measurement system via Bluetooth, Wi-Fo, and 3G.


OM1 enabled healthcare specialists to access outcomes data and analyze it. This helps healthcare organizations improve patient experience and get actionable insights to make their workflow more efficient.


If you are still hesitating about visiting HIMSS 2018, we would definitely recommend you to say yes to such a tremendous opportunity.