Glorium Technologies believe that it is high time for your business to consider mobile application as another profit channel. Here is a couple of strong arguments.

Cisco has published a report on how mobile traffic will develop in upcoming 5 years. According to the report, the number of mobile phone holders will have been more than 5.4 bn people by 2020. Full electricity supply will be available for 5,3 bn of people, and only 3,5 bn will have access to tap water.

Cisco analysts expect mobile traffic to increase 9-fold – from 44 to 366.8 exabyte (1 exabyte is equal to 1 million terabyte). It is about 7 bn videos on YouTube. 81% of mobile traffic will be generated by smartphones. Moreover, the company expects that there will be 5 bn of gadgets connected to the Internet by the end of 2016. And by 202 this number will constitute 25 bn.

So, why lose time and wait your competitors to grab the whole mobile audience. Come in now and take the lead.