When a new business, or even an established small business, looks out onto the vast landscape of their market – its natural to wonder if they can compete. With so many other companies there before them, some of which are big corporations, it can even be discouraging.


In the past, it was simply a matter of time. A small company had to work hard and build into a mid-sized company, work harder still until it was a big player. While this is certainly still the case – there’s something which can speed up the process.


With the advent of The Cloud and all of the capabilities it provides – a small business can make use of the same powerful tools as a much larger business without the need for enormous outlays of capital.


One area where this is abundantly clear is in porting over to, or starting out with, a virtual enterprise-wide business solution. Instead of creating an in-house network, a small business can leap ahead many years and with far fewer dollars, and make use of a large application that’s hosted and managed entirely off-site.


Consider the costs of adding an ERP to your location:


• The cost of the software itself.

• Servers, routers, cables, switches, terminals, etc.

• System administrator(s)

• Consultants on occasion.

• The cost of upgrades.

• The cost of downtime.


When you choose a Cloud-based solution, all of this is eliminated! You no longer have to purchase or maintain the actual software, there is no in-house network to pay for and keep up, no sys admin to hire and you only pay for what you need.


The maintenance and care of the ERP is entirely someone else’s problem!


This flexibility can be extended even further to the creation of customized software. Again, while you may have to pay for the development, the software can be created to run entirely on the Cloud and this frees you from the worries of backups and security, among other things.


Another advantage of Cloud-based software is that you and your entire company have access to the applications and data from anywhere and at any time. No longer are you shackled to a physical location – with web and mobile technology, a whole new world of interactivity, customer relations and productivity are open to even the smallest or newest company.


So when you’re planning your next growth spurt and you’re looking for a way to maximize your efforts, consider moving over to The Cloud. You save time, money and have access to virtually unlimited resources to boost your growth and prosperity.