Have you ever wondered how many mobile users there are in the U.S.? How about in the world?


Would you believe, based on studies conducted in December of 2013 that 97% of the world’s population – more than 6.8 billion people have some kind of mobile phone! If that’s not an advertisement for making absolutely certain your business is mobile and web ready, then nothing is.


Here’s a little more interesting info on mobile users and the mobile market rankings. The two largest consumers / users of mobile technology are China and India – as you’d expect. The third largest mobile user base on Earth is the United States – proportionally, of course.


China and India alone have 7 times the number of mobile users as the population of the U.S. However, interestingly, the U.S. number of connections per person is an amazing 103.3% – meaning that there are more mobile phone or tablet connections in the U.S. then there are people.


Here’s one more little mobile tidbit for you – Russia leads the world in the number of connections with a whopping 157% of connections to population! Talk about a growing user base.


What does all of this mean to you?


The first thing these statistics should indicate is that any business that wants to thrive in today’s market must do all that it can to accommodate its digitally-minded customers. Even more than that – you need to support your digital employees, partners, investors and anyone else you can think of as well.


The nice thing about this is that mobile computing technology has advanced in capability very rapidly since the iPhone was first introduced more than 10 years ago. It’s now cost-effective to create fully integrated applications that tie in servers to internet assets to Cloud-based systems and to connect all of this and more to any mobile device anywhere on the globe.


Mobile is the wave of the future – there’s no doubt. As the trends indicate and have shown thus far, mobile computing power is going to continue to expand incredibly fast. The trick is having the knowledge, expertise and skills to keep up in a way that’s both effective and profitable.


In today’s digital world, flexibility is as important as mobility.