An average American spends 3.3 hours on their smartphones, 127 minutes on apps per day. Why should your company lose this time and such an opportunity to get closer to the clients? Applications are a real treasure for the marketing specialists. There are 3 main types of useful apps for marketing professionals that they can benefit from.


Action apps

Such applications are focused on the user interactions with commercial intentions, in other words, direct purchases. The most vivid examples that come to mind first are Netflix, iTunes, and Amazon that have commerce-centric apps providing clients with instant access to the buying options. Such apps almost instantly convert leads to customers. The apps provide users with an opportunity to browse faster and make purchases more conveniently.


Information apps

Information apps are an indirect way to the commerce actions. They provide users with interesting information and insights that can further lead to purchases, like comparing airline tickets apps. This kind of apps, from marketing perspective, is great for a gradual lead conversion.


Communication apps

It is been reported that the majority of app users are not opposed to being contacted by brands via apps. So, such apps are a great way of raising leads to customers. Communication apps can help keep customer retention level high and constantly remind clients about your company.


So, how exactly can marketing specialists use an application to acquire new customers and support the existing ones?


Geo-targeting and Beacon


Geo-targeting features available on apps thanks to the rise of beacons technology makes it easier for marketing specialists to target the app-users, also known clients, according to their current location. Just imagine, your clients are somewhere nearby your shop and you send them instant messages about current sales.


Promotions, loyalty programs, and Customer-Centricity


Apps are another way to show your loyal customers how much you love them. Provide your app-clients with exclusive access to the special offers or early bird specials. To make your business even more customer-centric, you can conduct surveys through your app, for instance, what types of discounts they prefer, etc. Applications are also a convenient way to hold promotions and track their efficiency. “We’ve missed you” coupons that can be sent via apps increase customer retention rate.


Mobile App Customer Service


Mobile apps can also serve your business as mobile customer service. To keep a reputation at a high level, companies need to respond to the clients’ issues really fast. App notifications can substantially speed up the process.


To sum up, for your business app to be successful for marketing purposes, it should include: customer loyalty features, to provide your users with special bonuses and rewards. Social networking is necessary for promoting the social profiles of your company. Push notifications will always keep your clients engaged. Personalization brings your company to the customer-centric level with the opportunity to instantly give your clients what they really want and need.