When it comes to IT and what it… or IT… means to business, a chief information officer is always on the lookout. He or she has to balance costs, return on investment, expected performance and potential problems with each new technology or adaptation that’s made.


Especially since the CIO is generally held responsible for the results!


So what are CIO’s thinking about today? As we are beyond the halfway mark of 2015… can you believe it’s already here… there seem to be 3 main concerns that occupy the minds of CIO’s everywhere:


Big Data


This is, and probably always will be, a priority concern for every CIO working in a growing organization. After all, we live in the “information” age – or “digital” age – or “computer” age… however you label it, it all means the same thing. Lots and LOTS of data. Lots of data means big data – and there must be a way to handle it all.


Big data solutions like Hadoop must be able to cope with old and existing data as well as what’s to come in an efficient, scalable and most importantly – cost-effective way. It’s critical therefore to choose an IT service provider who can show their expertise in this area to help you design and maintain a big data system powerful enough to carry you forward.


SAAS in the Cloud


While it’s true that office management software has become the most common Cloud-based system, there is so much more available in the area of remote computing. It seems, however, that many companies and their CIO’s are still not as eager to embrace all that the Cloud has to offer as they should be.

One of these areas is SAAS, sales as a service or just sales automation. The power of moving these functions to the Cloud can have a force multiplying effect on business. This for the simple reason that with remote computing comes anytime anywhere access from computers, laptops and smart devices. Both employees and customers can maximize what they get out of a company through Cloud based SAAS.


ROI from mobile


Like the Cloud, mobile’s true potential is yet to be fully realized by many. Although many companies have come to this conclusion and are realizing how effective mobile connectivity is for their productivity as well as cost-reduction, there’s still so much more room to grow.


With a carefully designed and secure wireless network built into your company’s infrastructure, workers can move around the country as they so often do and still maintain productive connections regardless of geographic limitations. Additionally, with WiFi available pretty much anywhere coupled with data availability filling the gaps, 24/7 connectivity is a reasonable and powerful expectation.


Of course, any mobile project must provide an adequate return on the investment you make to get it running – yet we must also consider that the returns may not always be immediate or immediately observable. Time must be given for a new mobile app, system or procedure to take hold, both in the company and among your customer and vendor base.


When it does, however – watch out!


What are your big concerns for 2015? What technical issues, problems or exciting plans do you have for the next half of the year and into 2016? Please feel free to share them in the comments section!