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  • Glorium Technologies provides you with the absolute best in IT personnel and support delivering maximum value from the engagement.
  • We analyze your needs and we clearly demonstrate in our action plan exactly what you’ll receive.
  • We reduce your costs while increasing your performance.
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IT Support Solutions
Every project, just like every business, is unique. Glorium Technologies takes the same approach on every project we do for you whether it’s our first engagement or we’ve been working together for years. We offer a variety of engagement types in order to meet any current or future requirement.

Combine the power and affordability of our offshore development assets with a U.S.-based project manager who works with your staff and can visit your site when necessary. The best developers, the best management at the best rates possible.

On Site Support

When security, policy or regulations require an on-site IT support presence, Glorium Technologies is there for you. We provide the industry’s best professionals for anything from a small supplement to your existing staff or to undertake an entire enterprise-wide development project.

Off Site Support

With today’s technology and Glorium’s top-notch people, there is nothing we cannot do for you remotely. By utilizing our New Jersey, Belarus and Ukrainian development houses, you maximize your IT dollar and receive unmatched quality.


Extensively using project management tools, we compartmentalize your development into independent modules that can be implemented and integrated into your system one at a time. Begin using your software before it’s even finished.


You always have direct access to the key people working on your project and receive relevant and timely reports throughout the engagement.


With open lines of communication, accurate reporting and detailed measurements of progress, you can rely on the highest level of quality.


We maintain a completely transparent workflow throughout your project regardless of whether it’s on-site or off-site. We make sure that there are no surprises, unforeseen costs or other issues that have been common in development in the past.


We take every possible step to see that your data, your processes and your operations are never compromised during any engagement with us.

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